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Title: Countdown
Author: Uld_Ases
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: No specific
Notes: Ianto - Jack - Owen - Tosh - Gwen - Suzie - Doctor
Summary: 10 to 01, what the numbers means for Torchwood members.
Disclaimer: Do not own Torchwood
Chapter: 01/07

10- The age he had when his mother died. Good people don’t say she killed herself.

09- How many items he stole before he got caught. He could felt his father’s anger for days.

08- His co-workers in the Archives Departments. Lula, Edward, Simon, Ginny, Fred, Kathy, Millie, James.

07- The numbers of co-workers who died in Canary Wharf. Millie survived, because she got the flu.

06- How many times he tried to killed CyberLisa. And then, he decided to go to Cardiff.

05- How many times he didn’t try to kiss his boss. Damn pheromones.

04- The deaths he would love cried but couldn’t. Suzie, Tosh, Owen (twice).

03- The actual members of Torchwood 3. Fucking love triangle.

02- The number of people needed to have a couple. Doesn’t work if just one person wanted it.

01- How many heart he has. He knew he was missing one.

His eyes were focused on Jack’s face when the darkness comes.

Jack's countdown

Date: 2010-10-04 11:59 pm (UTC)
blackrose_17: (Lonely)
From: [personal profile] blackrose_17
Okay that broke my heart. *Hugs Ianto.*


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