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Title: Countdown
Author: Uld_Ases
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: No specific
Notes: Ianto - Jack - Owen - Tosh - Gwen - Suzie - Doctor
Summary: 10 to 01, what the numbers means for Torchwood members.
Disclaimer: Do not own Torchwood
Chapter: 02/07

10- The Doctor’s incarnation who hurt him the most. ‘Wrong’ is very, very bad word.

09- How many times he prayed when buried by Gray. Hoping this death was the last.

08- How many times he refused to acknowledge he was in love. Most of times, he was right.

07- How many times he said ‘I love you’ without thinking it. So many complications when he left.

06- Times when he really wanted to retcon Gwen. She’s too much sometimes.

05- Times he was caught by Ianto looking at his old photographs. Ianto always know how to make things better.

04- Every death hurt him more than the previous. And Ianto is always here to comfort him.

03- Little words that he said often, but not to him. And this will be the biggest regret of his long life.

The members left of Torchwood 3. He regretted to say that he needed her, because now, she obviously didn’t make it.

01- He knew it was his last death, finally! He said to him that he will remember him for 1000 years, he never has forgotten him.

As he closed his eyes for the last time, the man once known has Jack Harkness hoped that this time, instead of the darkness, he will see his marvellous Welshman waiting for him.


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*Hugs Jack.* Oh so many regrets.

#6 of course made me smile.


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