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Title: Anima
Author: Uld_Ases
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: No specific
Notes: Reading 'The last of His Kind' from Milady Dragon push me to write this dragon!Ianto story. Not enough dragon!Ianto out there.
I'm not Welsh, less english and more less an english-speaking woman, you're welcome to point every mistake I've made! You'll found two links on the story, one to the picture of dragon!Ianto and one to a video of what I see for Ianto's attack of 456 (the second one).
Anima is the latin for soul. AU, fantasy-like (sort of). Gwen!Bashing. Alive!Tosh. Alive!Owen. Children of Earth.

Summary: Spirits guide us and, sometimes, take human form.
Disclaimer: Do not own Torchwood
Chapter: 01/01

Many civilizations think (or thought) that there are spirits guiding us, invisible for the normal people. It was said that, sometimes, when prayed, they became visible for the people asking their help. Our story began in 1983, in the hot month of august, in Cardiff, Wales.

Eleanor Jones was pregnant, with a son. It was an accident but she was happy anyway. Her husband didn’t take it well. What she was supposed to do? Kill their son? Sometimes, she was sure that Afran wanted her to do it.

She was drinking the tea that her husband made to her when she felt sick. She looked at her husband, trying to say something when she saw the look he gave to her.

“What have you done?” she asked to him.

“What it was necessary.” She didn’t recognize the man she felt in love with. She threw her cup to him, the warm drink spilled on Afran’s face. She left their apartment and ran as quick as she could. She didn’t know how long she run but she recognize where she was. It was the little cromlech where she went with her grand-mother. Tired, she sat and begun to cry. She didn’t see the little lights around her when the blue hour begun.

“Human, your cries for help are heard. Your son will live because his destiny is, like Myrddin Emrys before him, to stand by the Protector of Wales. A light, the only red one in a sea of white ones, came close to her belly. It entered and Eleanor felt on top form. She knew that her son would be in her arms soon so she rise and began to walk. Nine hours later, the 19th august 1983 at 2:15 am, Ianto Emrys Jones was born.


Jack couldn’t believe it. Ianto, his beautiful Welshman, was dead. Owen and Tosh helped him to bring his body back and, since then, Jack vigil over him. Gwen was out (and seriously he didn’t care anymore if she left), Tosh worked on a program to garble the 456 signal and Owen tried to analyze the gas used in Thames House. Gwen, eventually, came back, with Johnson. Jack was furious.

“What she’s doing here?”

“Jack…” He winced at her honeyed tone “She thought that she made a mistake by following blindly the orders, she wants to help.”

“I can’t believe it! She killed me, use my daughter and grand-son against me and you want I trust her? Are you crazy?” She put her hand on his arm, trying to calm him down.

“Jack, I know you took Ianto’s death hard but believe me, maybe it is better. He was too young, he saw too much. He’s in peace now.”

“You’re right Gwen.” Gwen smiled. She will be a good friend, supportive and maybe Jack will take her far away from Torchwood, her goofy boyfriend and they’ll live happily ever after. Tosh and Owen looked at him, surprised, but thought already about checking their friend’s brain. “Ianto was too young, he saw too much and he had nothing in return. You know why? Because we always thought that he would be the last. Someone so young, so full of life, couldn’t die so soon. I didn’t tell him that I love him. I didn’t tell him anything because I thought that he will hurt less when comes the time for him to leave me but it’s quite the contrary. And I will live with the regrets that he’ll never know how important he was to me, that I wanted to be a better man for him, that I never understood why he choose a broken man like me for lover when he could have anyone he wants. He knew me better than anyone, and he loved me anyway.”

“You deserved my love, Jack.” Everyone jumped at the recognizable voice.

“Ianto?” Ianto was sit there, on the autopsy table.

“Cariad. It’s me. It’s really me.”

“How?” asked Owen.

“That began the day before I was born. My father, who wasn’t a tailor by the way, but it was better than the truth, didn’t want another child, my sister was enough for him. He gave something to my mother, in her tea. She didn’t drink a lot, enough though for seeing that something was wrong. She threw the tea to my father and left running. She told me that she run until she arrived to a cromlech and cry. The spirit here told her that I will live, that I have a destiny, just before merging with me or something like that. It don’t have really name for it.”

“Get away from him Jack.” Gwen was targeting Ianto with her gun.

“Gwen, what are you doing?” asked Tosh, her gun aimed at Gwen. So did Owen and Johnson. Jack came closer to Ianto, protecting him.

“It’s Ianto, Gwen.”

“You don’t understand Jack, it’s an alien!”

“So what? It’s not the first nice alien we met.”

“Excuse-me but I’m Earthling, thank you very much!”

“It’s not possible! You try to steal Jack from me! But he’s mine, mine! I don’t let a freak have him!” Gwen totally forgot Johnson, who disarmed her easily. Owen put her to sleep.

“What are we doing now?” asked Tosh.

“I will take care of the 456.” Said Ianto.

“No, no! You stay here, where I can keep an eye, or two, on you!” Ianto smiled and kissed him.

“Don’t worry, Cariad, I just need to go out for that.”

Once they were all outside, Ianto took a deep breath and began to transform. Jack never saw a so majestic creature that inspired so much fear in the same time. Ianto was a red dragon, with luminous wings, almost angel-like. He seemed glowing from the inside. Something moved inside him, surprisingly he felt like a *giggle*. That was the same sensation that he felt when the TARDIS was mischievous. Was it possible?

A first roar, almost inaudible, felt like a sound wave. Many people fell, included him.

“That was for break the signal linking the 456 and the children. Now, it is the turn of 456.” Ianto’s glow grew bigger and, with a powerful cry, a bright light opened the sky. It was just few minutes after that they understand what he has done. “The 456 are dead.” Ianto took human form again and Jack kissed him hard.

“I always knew that red is your color.” Ianto smiled at his lover. “Ianto, what’s the light?”

“You know what is it Jack. It’s time. The spirits are known as Children of Time. Every Champion has a Companion, a person who helps the Champion, often from the shadows. You, Jack, are the Champion of Earth. Everything happened to you had to lead you here. And I’m your Companion.

“So you’re with me because…” Ianto put his finger on Jack’s lips.

“Because I love you. And only because I love you. I wasn’t really aware of this until I came here. During the battle of Canary Wharf, I was in a room surrounded by Cybermen and Daleks and I just… black out. During the Beacons, when they beat me with the bat, I just feel a growling inside me but it’s after this that I began to dream about the Spirit. It was a long work but today was the first time I completely transform. And do you want to know the better of all this?” Jack looked at him curiously. “I’m a fixed point in Time.” Jack smiled and then laughed and cried in the same time. After few minutes, Jack kissed Ianto again, deeply, and felt his lover’s feelings: love, care, acceptance, trust… Is it possible that after all this years, all these pains, he could have a little peace?

“It’s time to stop to think Jack, just enjoy what we have. Like Bill Cosby said ‘The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.’ I want you to be here with me, Jack.” Jack looked at his lover eyes, blue and gold, and stopped to think, not totally it’s almost impossible, but he let the ghosts and the dreams in the background and focused on the chance he had now. As he saw Tosh and Owen explained to Rhys what’s happened (he was sorry for the Welshman, he liked him), as he saw Johnson making a call (and he will never trust her) and as he saw his lover looking at him trustfully (and he planned to never let him down) , Jack thought that, for the first time in his life, everything was possible.


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