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Title: Choice, take 02
Author: Uld_Ases
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen, one-sided!Gwen/Jack
Notes: Sequel of Choice, AU, Bashing!Gwen, Companion!Ianto, between Meat and Adam
Summary: Jack see, Gwen fall, Ianto is happy.
Disclamer: I don’t own Torchwood
Chapter: 01/01

Jack couldn’t believe what his lover said to him.

“What?” Ianto laughed at his lover’s lost look.

“Naya asked us if we wanted to become like you. And we said yes. Jack, you have to understand, we love you. Well, I love you, they like you.”

“But… but…” Jack was almost crying. His lover and, whom he considered his family, will never leave him. They will be always here. A family, forever. “This is the best, marvelous, thing that someone made to me!”

“You deserve it, Cariad. I was worried of what could happen after my death. I want you to found someone who eases your soul, because, let face the facts, you’re as bad as me in self critical. At the time I’ve done it, I didn’t know if… well I hoped that you wanted me, but… even if tomorrow or in a century you didn’t want me anymore, I wanted you to know that you have someone on who you can count. Does it make any sense?” Jack couldn’t love more the man in his arms. How he could even thought that Gwen was the heart of Torchwood? Ianto was always altruistic. The only selfish thing that Jack could think was to brought Lisa to Torchwood 3. And even. Jack couldn’t blame him (well, once he had thought about that through and through), he made worse by love, and sometimes for less than love.  And then, Ianto asked him something that Jack couldn’t wait to try.


The next morning, Tosh and Owen walked together in the Hub, smiling and laughing.

“Hey, you two. Good night?” Asked the captain.

“Probably as good as yours!” answered Tosh with a grin. Jack was happy to see her like that: confident, in love, happy. After a last, long kiss with Owen (and what was probably naughty stuff whispered at the doctor’s ear -if the moan he made was any indication-) the other couple begun their jobs. Two hours later, Gwen walked in the Hub.

“Jack! Rhys didn’t come home last night!” Gwen made her cow eyes to Jack, waiting for him to hold her and tell her that everything would be ok, like always. But Jack had another idea in his head.

“What do you expect Gwen? I mishandled it yesterday. In my office, now. Ianto, bring three coffee cups please, as Administrator you have to be here.” Ianto nodded and soon, joined his lover and his teammate (he hoped for no much longer). When he stood at Jack’s right, the Captain began to talk. “I’m very disappointed Gwen. My reaction yesterday wasn’t appropriate. What you have done to Rhys is unforgivable. You don’t use retcon just for confessing an affair and not suffering the consequences!”

“But Jack, you don’t understand how it’s like!”

“Understand what? Yes, Gwen, working for Torchwood isn’t a sinecure and, foolishly, I let you more liberties than anyone else because of your relationship with Rhys. I let you have this little affair with Owen because I thought that you will see that Rhys was perfect for you. After the space whale, I let you go home with a non-rectonned Rhys because I want to ease your relationship with him. And all this time, I was fooled. You are with Rhys, not because you love him but because is safe. Or is he now? I’m pleased that the respect I have for him isn’t wasted.”

“You can’t say that Jack! I’m the one you need! I’m the one that Torchwood need!” Jack winced as his words were used against him.

“I was wrong. I hired you because you remind me Rose Tyler but you’re nothing like her. And I’m tired Gwen. You’re more an obstacle than a help.”


“I can’t keep you in Torchwood. I’m sorry. You’ll be retconned.”

“No! You can’t do it!” She didn’t felt the small prick on her arm. Few seconds after, she was asleep.

“Do you think that is wise to use liquid retcon on her? We didn’t use this form on human before.”

“So what?” asked Jack. “I only regret that didn’t work the first time. Or I didn’t listen to you when you said that Andy will be better.”

“I met her you know, I mean Rose. I understand why you hired Gwen.” Jack couldn’t help himself. He groped his lover who laughed. “We need to get rid of Gwen first and then, I’m all yours.” The last words were said with a husky voice.

“What happened to the Ianto Jones who didn’t want mix work and pleasure?”

“You made him horny. That’s all your pheromones’ fault, you know.” Jack gave him a hurt look.

“That is! Blame poor little Jack!” Once Gwen was in the hospital, apparently for a misusing of medicine, they returned to the Hub.


The months passed, Andy was a fine addition to the team. Tosh learned few days before that she was pregnant. The future parents were deliriously happy. And it was funny to see Owen fussing over Tosh, driving her crazy. Rhys helped them sometimes, when they need to transport big things discreetly. Gwen moved out Cardiff and found a job as waitress in London. Andy fit well in the team. He was suspicious almost all the time (and sometimes it was a good thing) but never questioned Jack’s order except if something really bother him. It was a nice change.


And the life went on. Owen and Tosh had a little girl, Hanabi who’ll become later (but too soon for her father) the new doctor of Torchwood Cardiff and then, the new leader of the same Torchwood. Jack and Ianto adopted a little boy who lost his parents to an alien attack. Gareth was a joy for the couple. And much to Jack’s pleasure, Gareth was a little Ianto in progress. Andy even bought him a little suit. Like his Tad, he’ll become the Administrator of Torchwood and will be the second person to know how to use the coffee machine. Hanabi decreed that the coffee machine was an artifact type 1: use only by the authorized staff. Two people were on this list: Ianto and Gareth. Gareth married Alis Williams, Rhys’ daughter and gave their parents wonderful twins. They have, after all, Rhys’ temper, to Jack’s great displeasure. He so wanted to teach them all his skills.

Time sang for her Children, their biggest adventure will begin soon.

Date: 2010-11-01 10:03 pm (UTC)
blackrose_17: (True love)
From: [personal profile] blackrose_17
Yay everyone but Gwen gets a happy ending. I am so gald that Jack finally saw the truth about Gwen.

Re: [Choice 02] Blackrose_17

Date: 2011-01-22 03:43 pm (UTC)
excentric: (Default)
From: [personal profile] excentric
Read this again. Still love it. The best part is that Tosh and Owen get to be immortal, too. Everyone leaves them out. This is great.


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