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 Title: The Captain and His Butler
Author: Uld_Ases
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, xxx/xxx
Notes: AU, no alien.
"That was the problem: his growing attraction to his Butler. His sexy, welsh and young butler."
Disclamer: I don’t own Torchwood
Chapter: 01/??


21th July, 2008

Lord Harkness was in his office, staring into space. He knew that he needed to have the paperwork done, that Ianto would be angry at him if it wasn’t done when he and Steven came back... ‘Hmmm, angry Ianto’. Jack’s thoughts turned naughty and he sighed. That was the problem: his growing attraction to his butler. His sexy, welsh and young butler. Who had the same age that his daughter.

When he met Lucia Moretti, it was love at the first sight. He was fifteen, she was sixteen and, well, the inevitable happened. They had sex. And she became pregnant. She hid it as long as she could and then, Melissa was born. She was a so sweet and clever baby girl. Jack joined the RAF when he was 18. Melissa was two and living with Jack’s godmother, Estelle Cole. She told her about fairies and the games they played. Lucia didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. When Melissa was 10, Jack had an accident. He left the RAF and took over his Seigneury. Torchwood Manor was in the vicinity of Cardiff and the property of the Harkness’ since 1879, when Queen Victoria thanked his ancestor for saving her from an enraged wolf during a hunt. When Melissa, who went by Alice (she has always been an Alice in Wonderland’s fan), get pregnant with Steven at 20, Jack didn’t have any other option that accept Joe Carter, Melissa’s lover in his home. He didn’t take much time to his son-in-law to found another woman and leave his daughter. He took Jack less time to make Joe abandon every rights he had on his son.

Melissa wasn’t good for months, but then, she found a job in Torchwood London. After the WW2, his grand-parents founded Torchwood Institute, in London. At first, Torchwood London should be focused on research but when they begun contracts with the government, they focused more and more on weapons. Jack’s grand-parents named Yvonne Hartman at the Head of the Institute 10 years ago. Yvonne wasn’t a bad person, intrinsically. But she took the ‘For Queen and Country’ too far. If she thought that she was right, she didn’t listen anyone. He knew that will bring troubles, and he was right. At the beginning of July 2007, Torchwood London fell to the hands of terrorists known as Cybermen and Daleks. Cybermen are people who think that emotions prevented humans to evolve. Daleks’ philosophy was that if you’re not Dalek, so you had to die. They were extremely xenophobes and all countries hated them. They choose Torchwood London for battlefield. And from the 823 employees, only 27 survived. Melissa wasn’t one of them. Except for Steven, who needed him, no one couldn’t approach Jack. Until Ianto.

15th July, 2007

Jack was walking on the park when he was attacked by a member of the Weevils’ Gang. This gang wasn’t like any other ones, he was specific to Torchwood. And only Torchwood knew their existence. Ianto saved his life, told him that he looked like a Weevil, Jack denied. They gave each other names and Jack left with the Weevil. And Ianto said something that made him smile ‘I love your coat!’ His grand-father RAF’s coat called really gorgeous people’s eyes.  The second time that Jack saw Ianto, the older man was leaving the Tourist Office of Cardiff, the unofficial entry of ‘The Hub’. Ianto was waiting for him and gave him a cup of coffee. Jack wasn’t one to refuse a gift, particularly when he spent the night looking Ianto Jones files. He was a One. That made Jack angry but he lost his fiancée, Lisa Hallett, during the battle. And Jack wondered why he wanted to work for him. He was also Melissa’s co-worker. And he was hitching to ask the young Welshman about his daughter. But not now. After sipping his coffee (and God, it was the best coffee he never had!), Ianto tried to talk him into hire him. Jack listened to him, told him that he had no job for him and left. When he said that he ‘really like the coat’ Jack knew that the next time they met, he will hire him. The next time came quickly. The same night, in fact. Ianto stopped his car; Jack was pissed off because he really could have hurt him. And then, he said THE sentence: ‘So, you really don’t want to help me to catch this caracal?’ That how he found himself at 2am, in front of a warehouse. Ianto made a snarky comment on his supplies and they entered on the building. The caracal was here, running (fast, very fast) towards them and they had to get out. They heard the caracal scratched the door and, after few minutes, went away. They decided to make another attempt and, after Ianto distracted the feline with *chocolate* (of all things), Jack could -finally- put it to sleep. Unfortunately, it was a fighter and tried to jump on him. Without Ianto’s reflex, he could have been hurt. This last try let the *big* cat exhausted and finally, it was sleeping. They begun to laugh and without being fully aware what they were doing, their face was close from each other’s. Jack never saw so amazing eyes. And he was sure these lips were soft. They wanted to kiss, Jack knew it, but he didn’t know what they held back. Until Ianto said that he should go. The young man rose and walked away. Before he left, Jack told him that he’ll wait for him at 8 o’clock and that he loved the suit. Ianto never looked back.

21th July, 2008

Jack was never so happy about a hiring. Ianto was everything he wanted in a right hand man: polite, efficient and so damn sexy. Ianto has become indispensable to Jack. In more than one way.

“Have you finished your paperwork, Sir?” Jack was surprised and looked at the young man who, apparently, has finished his shopping with Steven and has a lot of bags.

“Ianto! How was the shopping?”

“Nice Sir. Steven liked. I think.” Jack smiled at Ianto’s sceptical look. The young man didn’t seem understand that little boys enjoyed running through the store, and particularly the toys’ alley.

“Ianto!” Steven entered the room, running.

“Steven, what I’ve said?”

“Don’t run in the house. You can be hurt. I’m sorry Ianto.” The little boy, who will have 6 in few weeks, hugged the butler and looked at his grand-father,

“Look what Ianto bought to me!” Ianto asked Jack to close his eyes, what Jack did, and when he opened them, Steven was wearing a RAF coat, like his. Jack had tears in his eyes.

“That’s wonderful Steven. Have you thanked Ianto?”

“Yes, Sir, he did. And it was nothing; he wanted a coat like his grand-father, it wasn’t hard to found when you know the right people.” Jack looked at Ianto intensely and the young man blushed and looked away. Jack gave him a little smile. Maybe his feelings for the Welshman weren’t unshared.



60-91 cm (lenght)
40-45 cm (height)
6-19 kg
15 years

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