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Title: La Meute (The Pack)
Author: Uld Ases
Chapter: Le courage de Jacob (Jacob’s bravery)
Pairing: Sam/Leah, Sam/Emily, Sue/Harry, Adalphe/Alienor (OCs)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight
Summary: Leah has a good friend, a friend who knows everything about shifters. After all, she’s a wolf-shifter. And when Leah shifts for the first time, she doesn’t join Sam’s pack.
Notes: AU
Beta(s): None.
Graphics (size, and artist):



Since he heard about imprinting, Jacob tried his best to imprint on Bella Swan. For him, she was the perfect girl: nice, loving and beautiful. And her clumsiness was just too cute. But she became infatuated with the leech. Edward Cullen. Blah. He had left her and he was so sure that he finally had a chance. That blew up on his face. The leech was back and Bella forgave him and went back to him. He was walking and sulking. His walk drove him near Leah’s house. It would be a lie if he told that he never fantasized on Leah. How he couldn’t? This girl, no this woman, was gorgeous. She had a perfect copper skin, eyelashes like feather, long and soft black hair and soft brown eyes. Every single man of La Push was jealous of Sam Uley.

His eyes looked around and saw two women: Leah and her friend, Loup. Leah wore a short dress and she had cut her hair. She looked better. He could see sadness in her eyes and thought that it would never really leave. Loup saw him first. Leah’s eyes looked directly his.

“Hello Leah.” He said quietly.

“Jacob. How are you?”

“Fine, you?”

“I’m better. What are you doing here?”

“Just walking. Bella has returned to her Cullen.” He knew he was sulking but he didn’t care. Leah gave him a sad smile.

“Love sucks, huh?”

“Yeah.” Loup nudge her and Leah grumbled.

“Since we are unlucky with love life, do you want to go to see a movie with me?”

“Are you asking me on a date?” Jacob blurted out. Leah rolled her eyes.

“No, I’m asking a friend, who has a heartbreak, to come with me, hoping that it would make him happier.” Jacob smiled at her.

“I would like to...”

“Great! You, me and Johnny Depp. Tonight, at 7 pm. ”

“Awesome, I always wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest!” Leah smiled.

“See you tonight, Jake.” Jacob gave to her his ‘sunshine smile’ and told her to be ready for 7 o’clock. Coming back to his house, Jacob couldn’t do anything else that to feel that his pain was diminishing.


The day began badly (Bella was still with her leech), then gone well (he met Leah and had a date, which-wasn’t-one, with her), then gone bad again. Once at home, he took a shower, and tried to decided what he would be wearing for that not-a-date. He decided (finally-at 6pm) to wear a dark jean, a white t-shirt, and a jacket in dark leather with military boots. He didn’t know where it came from, perhaps his wolf, but he wanted to impress Leah. He needed to impress Leah.

“Where are you going Jake?” asked Billy.

“To see a movie with a friend, I took the Harley.”

“I know him?” asked Billy suspicious.

“You know her. It’s Leah.”

“Are you sure, Son? It’s been 6 months...” ‘Since she lost her baby’.

“Yes, she invited me, Dad. Like a friend. That’s all!” Billy was sceptical.

“That why you’re dressed like that...” Jacob blushed.

“Well... Maybe I want to impress her.” Billy sighed. “I know Dad, imprint and all that crap but my wolf is agreed with me. He wants to impress Leah.”

“As long as you know what you’re doing. I don’t want Leah to suffer again.”

“I don’t want too, Dad.” The door opened on Sam Uley, who has been followed by Jared, Paul and Clearwater’s family.

“What brought you here?” Billy didn’t like when people entered his house without permission.

“Someone saw Leah and Jacob today and told the Clearwater, knowing that they don’t saw her in a while.”

“And?” Wondered Jacob.

“You can’t go out with her Jacob, what if you imprint?” Sam was almost threatening. Jacob growled at him.

“Any of you has nothing to say about Leah and me.”

“You will not go out with her, not today, not ever.” The wolf in Jacob didn’t take it well.

“I don’t need or ask for your permission, Uley. You’re Alpha because you shifted first but remember your place.” Suddenly, the deal has changed. Sam was still Alpha but Jacob, even if in his pack, asserted himself. “Don’t forget. I let you this place, but I can take it back at any moment. See you later.” Billy smiled. Jacob made the first step to take back his leadership.


The young Quileute arrived to Leah few minutes before 7 pm. Loup opened the door to him and invited him inside.

“So, a movie and...?”

“A restaurant and maybe a walk on the beach, if I’m lucky...”

“Trust your instinct, it’ll never fail you.”

“Why do you help me?”

“I help you because, you are good for her. She needs someone like you and you need someone like her. And I’m sure you’ll make her smile again. A real smile.” Jacob became pensive.

“I hope so...” Leah wore a bolero, white in lace, which showed her belly. And a white jean which showed her perfects long legs and her sweet, round bum. He let out a growl of satisfaction that made Loup laugh and Leah to blush. His date kissed Loup on her cheeks (and he suddenly remembered that Loup’s family was French) and left her house on his arms.


The night went very well. And while walking on the beach, he wondered why he had never thought to know Leah better before tonight. Leah dragged him until a little spot and sat on the sand.

“I’ve a very good night Jacob, thanks.” She said to him, smiling.

“I’m happy; I’ve a good night too.” He wanted to take her in her arms but he didn’t know if it was allowed. Leah answered by taking his hand and putting her head on his shoulder. She began to smell him and kiss him softly, emitting little noises, almost like... a wolf? But it was when she called him ‘my alpha’ that Jacob lost it to his wolf.


Leah is born in 1986 and has her first transformation in 2006. In 2003, the Cullen come to Forks. That makes Sam Uley transform. If in canon, Emily came few weeks after, in this story, she was away in Europe until February 2006. Leah lost her baby the same month. Jacob is born in January, 14th 1990, who made him 16 when Leah lost her baby and has been a wolf since January 2006. Their date was set on July 2006.

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